Inside Back (ISB)

You can take most any CCB Seating Style and add Upholstery Details to the Inside Back (ISB).
Need inspiration? See the “Photo Library” on our website!


The Metropolitan Series (Left) and the Designer Special Series (Right)
(Both shown with a Plain Uph ISB (Inside Back)


Headroll w/
Plain Uph Below

Horizontal Channels

Vertical Channels

Square Channels


“V” Back Accent

(Vintage Diner Look)

Upholstered “Push” Buttons

(No Seaming or Tufting)
Push buttons shown in diamond (left) & a grid pattern (right)


Diamond Tufting

Blind Diamond Tufting

(Pulled only, No Buttons)

Biscuit Tufting

Blind Biscuit Tufting
(Pulled only, No Buttons)
available but not shown in photos

Biscuit Tufting with
a Welt Detail

Image enlarged to show
welt detail