“CCB’s Playing with Fire”- New Product Intro.

We are always working to develop new product lines that will entice our customers and will capture the design and and style trends.
CCB’s playing with Fire- “Charred Ash”…………….
We have pulled our inspiration from:
  • Charred wood barrels used for the distilling of whiskey & wine
  • “Shou-Sugi-Ban”- a style of fire finishing technique used in Japanese Architecture
  • The use of natural materials with a sensitivity to elements & their environment
  • Capturing rustic & industrial looks





We are excited to introduce a New Wood Table Top:

CCB’s “Charred Ash” Solid Wood Table Tops
CCB’s Charred Wood Table Tops are made of random plank solid Ash in a 1.25″ thickness.  A flame and heat source are applied to the wood tops to  create a darkening and burnishing effect that emphasizes the grain of the Ash wood.  After this “Charring” process, a high solids catalyzed conversion varnish is applied to preserve the transformed look of the wood.
CCB’s “Charred Ash” is a light to medium technique which emphasizes and darkens
 the Natural Grain Patterns while still maintaining the lighter appearance of the solid Ash wood. 
There will be some variation on each table top due to the individual wood plank characteristics as well as the charring process which will be applied by hand at CCB.  

Please contact your CCB Sales Representative to see their sales panel in person.

We hope that this will light a “FIRE” to your Projects!

Get the “Gang” together at Scene 75- Cleveland or Philadelphia

Here’s another example of how CCB product is
“More than just Restaurant Booths.”  
Take a look at product produced for Scene 75 Entertainment Centers located in Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA which includes gaming areas for all ages as well as bowling, laser tag, go-karts, bumper cars, mini- golf, and more.
If your group is large or small CCB has tables that can “gang” together to make longer tops which can be pulled back apart for smaller groups.  The ganging devices attached underneath can be locked or un-locked.  (See photos where tops have been turned upside down only for the purposes of illustrating the mechanism.)  This allows for better table edge alignment.
CCB’s “Farmhouse” Multi-Species Random Plank Wood Top 1.75″ thickness in CCB Vintage with Heavy Distressing was used for the table tops.
The Cleveland location also has CCB’s “Farmhouse” Series Boothsmodified with a wood seat.
Thank you to Queen City Restaurant Supply and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn to be a part of these projects.
So don’t let our company name mislead you…..  You never know where CCB’s product may turn up next.  Let the fun begin!
Table tops turned over to show ganging mechanisms 
only for illustration purposes.
Normal operation is reaching underneath the upright top to rotate the locking/ ganging devices.
CCB’s “Farmhouse” Series- modified with a wood seat
Interior images of Scene 75 from their website & social media postings

Big Star- CCB’s Table Tops can make your project Shine!

Here is a little CCB Table 101.
CCB’s Standard Table Top Coat:
A High Solids Catalyzed Conversion Varnish, a non-yellowing formula in a satin finish with durability against moisture, heat and most household chemicals.
But did you know that you can opt for an alternate top coat finish?
CCB’s Premium Table Top Coat:
A Polyester Sealer with a “Poured Look” in a gloss finish which has durable properties. This type Sealer is known to be used by most major yacht manufacturers for the boat interiors.
Big Star, “A Honky Tonk Taco Joint,” Located at Wrigleyville in Chicago, IL is a perfect example of this CCB Premium Finish Option which was applied to CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Table Tops with a 1.25″ thickness and stained in a custom color.
We hope you will agree that this high gloss look makes this project shine and may even be a reference to the glossy baseball bats in close proximity.
Thank you to Chas Bender Co. and to our CCB Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the opportunity to be a part of this project.
Interior images from The chicagotribune.com & chicago.eaterer.com 

CCB’s Name says Seating (Booths) but don’t forget about the Tables!

We love it when we have projects that illustrate examples of the seatingand tables that CCB produces.
This week we are featuring, Stan Diego Baja Taco Kitchen located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  
Bar Height Banquettes
CCB’s “Highland” Seriesmodified
Uph leather strap detail added to the uph hanging back pad
Bar height seat- 30″H
Base with cut outs for electrical outlets to be added by others
CCB Natural Stain
Community Tables  
CCB’s Bar Height Tables tops – Random Plank Solid Ash Wood 1.25″
Custom Stain Color
Custom Metal Bases (legs, apron, & stretchers)
“Natural Metal” finish with Clear Powder Coat
Dining Tables & Bases (dining & bar height)
CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood 1.75″
CCB Natural & also some produced in a custom stain color
CCB’s 100 Series table bases
Thank you to Boone Interiors and our CCB Sales Representative, Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project.
Bar Height Seating- Based on CCB’s “Highland” Series- Modified
And Don’t Forget the……..
Example Of CCB’s Community Table with Solid Wood Top & 
Custom Metal Base at Bar Height
              CCB’s Natural Stain
Interior images from Stan Diego’s Website and  Social Media Postings & Yelp.com

Table Highs & Seating Lows- Regency Inn Clarion

CCB is more than just restaurant booth seating……….

We are tables for commercial and hospitality settings.
CCB’s Community Tables, which can be produced at dining, counter, & bar height have been used in conference rooms, as worktop design tables, as mobile units with casters, and as shown this week in a hotel at Regency Inn Clarion located in Oxford, NC.
Did you know that any of CCB’s table tops can be used on our Community Tables? (All wood or laminate & laminate or veneer tops with wood edge details)
Our tops can be utilized with custom metal bases, a wood apron & legs, with a wood trestle base detail as well as any of our standard metal bases.
The community tables produced for Regency Inn Clarion- Breakfast Area:
CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Table Top – 1.75″ thickness
Bar Height
Custom Metal Base- legs, apron, and stretchers
CCB’s Mahogany Wood Stain
Natural Metal with Clear Powder Coat
Other Bar Height Tables produced for other areas of the hotel were
CCB’s Multi-species Random Plank Wood Table Tops- 1.75″ thickness
CCB’s Vintage Stain w/ heavy farmhouse distressing
Natural Metal with Clear Powder Coat
CCB’s “Designer Special” series was utilized for the long dining height wall bench also located in the breakfast area.
Thank you to Vertically Integrated Projects and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.
Contact CCB for assistance with product selections for your next project.
Breakfast Area
CCB’s Community Table (Bar height, Random Plank Solid Wood Ash Top 1.75″ in CCB Mahogany Stain,
Metal – Natural Metal in Clear Powder Coat Finish)
Other Hotel Areas
CCB’s Community Table (Bar height, Multi-Species Random Plank Solid Wood  Top 1.75″ in CCB Vintage Stain with heavy distressing,
Metal – Natural Metal in Clear Powder Coat Finish)
Photo above of similar product
Interior photos from Hotels.com & Tripadvisor.com

Mad about Plaid

With winter temperatures setting in we thought this project spoke to the season.  Seating and tables were produced for Pine Mountain Grill & Gifts in Whitesburg, KY.

CCB‘s “Metropolitan” series was used for the seating with varying back heights and with wood legs added.  We are in love and “mad with plaid” upholstery that was selected for the single and double booths as well as a long wall banquette.

CCB‘s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood Table Tops in a 1.75″ thickness were also produced for this project in standard shaped tops and for tables with hinged drop leafs.  All CCB table tops were finished in CCB Natural which created a striking contrast with the CCB Black finish applied to the seating legs.

Thank you to Dream House Furnishings and to our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can assist you with seating and tables for your next project.


CCB Random Plank Solid Ash Table Tops -1.75″ thickness
(photo above)

CCB Natural Finish (photo right)

Interior images from Dream House Furnishing‘s Facebook page.

CCB’s product can cover multiple facets of your project- Homewood Suites

This week we are featuring seating, table tops, and table bases produced for Homewood Suites located in Worthington (Columbus,) Ohio.


  • Banquette style seating constructed with a laminate and wood divider
  • Custom low back heights
  • Custom depths- overall and seating
  • Plain uph ISB’s w/ loose bolster pillows
  • Uph sinuous spring seats
  • Wood frame and legs with an enclosed wood base (custom stain color)
  • Uph frame and Black ABS base on the other side
  • Cut outs provided in the laminate and wood divider for electrical or data access (added and wired by others once on site)

Table Tops (Wood in 2 CCB Styles):

Multi- Species wood tops 1.75″ thickness in CCB Vintage stain with heavy “Farmhouse” distressing (round table tops)

Random Plank Ash wood tops 1.25″ thickness in CCB Black stain
(rectangular tops used with CCB’s Wood Column Bases)

Table Bases:

CCB’s Wood Column Base WCB-004, a turned wood column in a bamboo detail (A CCB exclusive) in CCB Black stain paired with a black metal disk base and spider for attachment.

Thank you to our CCB Sales Representative Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project that utilizes multiple facets of the CCB product line.


Cutouts in wood divider for electrical or data access on top
(outlet units & wiring by others once on site)

CCB Multi-Species Wood Table Top (above)
Shown in CCB Vintage Stain w/ Farmhouse Distressing


CCB Random Plank Ash Wood Top
Shown in CCB Black Finish

(used with CCB’s Wood
Column Base WCB-004 &  
round metal base & spider for attachment)

Interior photos from Google Image.

Are You a Restaurant Owner?

If you are, a restaurant owner that is, you have a lot of decisions to make before the opening of your restaurant. Many having to do with whats on the menu, where the building will be located, and who will be the perfect employees. But when it comes to the design of your restaurant, or any other business for that matter, there are many nonverbal aspects to consider.

For instance, if you were to consider putting round tables in your building you are actually encouraging communication between the people who choose to sit at them. A longer table establishes more of a business setting by having two “heads” of the table and allowing for a larger group to sit at them. A booth generally encourages conversation and keeps customers sitting longer because of comfort. You should also consider the lighting of your building, if you have bright lights people will feel the urge to leave as soon as possible which may or may not be the result you want. But if you happen to be in the restaurant industry you most certainly want your guests to stay as long as possible to enjoy great food and a great environment. (The longer they linger the more they are going to want to taste off the menu!).

Another nonverbal to consider when opening a restaurant is the scent or smell you give off to customers. Your memory is triggered at a much higher percentage by smell than any other sense, so you want to give off a smell in which could be triggered by many other things. The key to your scent is to create an emotional connection. Maybe you own an Italian restaurant and the scent you give off is garlic and fresh-baked bread, then any other time the customer encounters this scent he or she will recognize it in connection with your restaurant. Another scent an owner might choose to put throughout their building is lavender, which tends to make people feel relaxed and at ease (always a good thing).

Lastly, the color scheme of your restaurant is very important. This includes everything from fabrics, decorative items, all the way down to employee uniforms. First and foremost the color white represents cleanliness which is a good quality for any business to have. Next, if you are opening an upscale restaurant perhaps you want a color that represents prestige. Purple would be the color to go with since it is highly associated with royalty, although this is a misconception. The color blue was actually the color for royalty which is where the term “royal blue” derived from. Gray and black are associated with many different qualities such as sternness, dependability, businesslike, and reliability.Yellows and reds create energy and green represents growth, wealth, and nature to name a few.

More Fabric Samples

Overall, if you are or plan to be a restaurant owner the decisions you have to make are manageable! But pay special attention to detail, nonverbal design could be the key to your business’s success.