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CCB Driftwood

CCB Vintage


CCB Cherry

CCB Mahogany


CCB Chestnut

CCB Walnut

CCB Black

All color samples shown are for general reference only.
Please contact customer service to receive actual stain samples.


To Match

For a nominal charge
CCB can match a
submitted sample

TOP COATS (for seating)

Standard -

A High Solids Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer with high performance qualities

TOP COATS (for table tops)

Standard -

A High Solids Catalyzed Conversion Varnish, a non-yellowing formula in a satin finish with durability against moisture, heat, and most household chemicals

Premium -

Polyester Sealer with a "Poured Look" in a gloss finish which has durable properties. This type Sealer is known to be used by most major yacht manufacturers for the boat interiors


CCB's Standard Distressing -

Medium level of techniques including denting, worming, and light edge rasping to create a weathered look

CCB's standard Ash wood shown in CCB Vintage Stain color wl standard distressing.

CCB's Heavy "Farmhouse" Distressing -

Heavy level of techniques including more exaggerated denting, rasping to top surfaces & edges, distressing, chiseling & pitting of surfaces to represent an aged or reclaimed wood look

Heavy distressing shown on the Multi-Species ''Farmhouse" Top and finished in CCB Vintage stain color.